During these difficult times, please stay safe, and stay healthy.  We cannot wait to hear from you and most importantly see you all on the soccer fields of New Jersey real soon!!


While children are being restricted from socializing and engaging in group activities, TSF Training have a number of online videos, Trainer info and Player Interactive Pages to try to keep everyone involved in the sport of soccer while we are having to stay home. We will update videos regularly so please keep checking for new ways to keep your foot on the ball while at home. 

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COACH LUIS - "I am from Kearny, NJ. What I love about Kearny is that we are named "Soccertown USA" for the great soccer players we have produced in a national level. "

COACH MATTHEW H - "I am from Fort Lee,NJ and what I love about it is how close I am to the city and the diversity. My family though is from Barranquilla/Medellin, Colombia"

COACH CRIS - "I was born in Lima, Peru and lived there for 4 years.  I was raised in Clifton, NJ. I like the diversity within the community and the shared passion for soccer"

COACH MARTIN - "I am from Monrovia, Liberia. I love my country because of the unity. Every community is a family".  

Favorite team:

COACH ANTHONY - "My favorite team is Barcelona.  I like their playing style and watching Messi!"

COACH VINCENT - "My favorite team is Arsenal"

COACH CRIS - "My favorite team is Manchester United because of the historic culture and determination they show as a club and the development of great players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo"

COACH MARK - "My favorite team is Arsenal.  I have been a fan for almost 50 years!  I first saw them play against Leeds United in the 1970's".  

Favorite Player:

COACH LEO - "My favorite player is Zlatan Ibrahimovic.  I love how no matter where he goes or whatever the situation he's presented with, he carries his values with him.  Not to mention his spectacular style of pla and acrobatic finishing." 

COACH DANIEL - "I have a tie for a favorite player (probably cliche), but my two favorites are Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham. For Cristiano Ronaldo, his actions speak for him. His confidence and work ethic, coupled with his sheer talent, ability, and vision make him a once in a generation play. He is one of the most exciting players I have ever watched. As for David Beckham, I was always enamored with his style of play. His distributions were pinpoint, his set-pieces were lethal, and I always loved watching him play. As a kid, he was one of the players that I aspired to be like. As an adult, I have gained a deeper respect for both players, for their philanthropic roles in their communities. To me, that is equally as important"

COACH DYLAN - "I have two favorite players too.  Ronaldinho (favorite soccer player from the past) for his approach to the game and the joy he had while playing it putting smiles on everyone's face. Fikayo Tomori (Current) we play the same position and I've been told I play like him."

COACH JONATHAN - "My favorite soccer player is Andrea Pirlo, because when i was a kid he inspired me to want to play soccer with his style of play.".  

Favorite GAME:

COACH MARK - "One of my favorite games was going to Highbury to watch Arsenal play their North London rivals Spurs with my dad in 1988.  I had become met Michael Thomas and David Rocastle were guests of Mickey for this game.  It was great to be in the crowd to watch Arsenal win 2-0 and to see Mickey score the second goal.  After the game we headed to the Players Lounge to meet the team and to chat with them about the game.


Another favorite was when I was a guest of Ron Atkinson who was the manager of Manchester United.  In 1985 he invited me to Old Trafford, and I had already met the players at their training ground.  He knew I was an Arsenal fan so that was the game I watched,  Manchester United were riding high in the English First Division, leading the flight, with a record of just 2 losses in their first 21 games and were unbeaten at Old Trafford through 11 games (it was 19 games unbeaten at home including the last 8 games of the previous season).  Of course, Arsenal upset the odds and a Charlie Nicholas goal won them the game.  Ron joked that he would never invite me to Old Trafford again!!"

COACH CRIS - "My favorite game I have watched is Inter Milan vs Barcelona 2010 2nd leg of the UEFA Champions League because of the vast difference in styles of play between both teams and how Inter was able to beat one of the best teams in the world with a man down"

COACH MATTHEW H - "My favorite game that I watched was probably attending the Copa America final @ MetLife stadium in 2016 because it was the biggest game I ever attended and also came down to penalty shoot out where Messi missed horribly!"

COACH MARTIN - "My favorite game is El Classico because it is the most competitive game to watch!"



TSF Trainers have put together their own twist on the #StayAtHomeChallenge #ToiletRollChallenge and we invite you to send us your videos and we will add them to the 'movie'.  Our very own trainer Coach Jacob, has no toilet roll to do the challenge, so the other trainers have helped him out!



You can email your videos to mwhite@thesportsfactory.com.  If you are having difficulty sending the video, please let me know.



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TSF Training have set up an online Player Interactive Web Page for players of our PREMIER PARTNER CLUBS to log in to and share their stories, ideas and to have some fun!

Below is the link to each clubs page - a password is required to enter these pages, and this password will be available from your Club President and your Team Parent Managers/Coaches.

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