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Welcome To  TSF Training

Specifically designed for our Premier Community Club Partners, its members and the TSF Trainers, our interactive site allows players to view training videos, to meet our trainers and to participate in fun and engaging conversations with fellow players.    We invite our Premier Community Club Board Members and Parent Coaches to view training and educational material to help develop youth players, and assist in the partnership between professional trainer, parent manager, players, parents and the clubs we work with.

About TSF Training

TSF Training is a leader in professional youth soccer training, and through the evolution of different training methodology, to the education of players, parents and volunteer managers, our relationship with our partner clubs continues to grow, with clear benefits being seen on the field, and most importantly on the faces of the players.


TSF Training assists its Partner Clubs in producing philosophies and guidelines, incorporating its own training methodologies into its critically acclaimed Player Development Building Blocks and Training Curricula.  At the forefront of this is the teaching of skills and technical training above the short-sighted "win at all costs" thinking.

At the heart of the building blocks methodology is our Player Centered Learning Approach.  Every TSF Professional Trainer is educated on the importance of making sure the players enjoy their training experience.  The TSF Professional Trainers make sessions fun while challenging each individual player.  These players are made to feel part of the session by being asked to demonstrate certain skills, to answer questions about the session, and by being congratulated on their efforts during training or games.  The TSF Professional Trainer brings high-energy to their sessions and that enthusiasm is then replicated by the players.  Each session must be engaging for every player regardless of their ability.

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