Player Development

TSF Training is a leader in professional youth soccer training, and through the evolution of different training methodology, to the education of players, parents and volunteer managers, our relationship with our partner clubs continues to grow, with clear benefits being seen on the field, and most importantly on the faces of the players.

Building Blocks

TSF Training assists its Partner Clubs in producing philosophies and guidelines, incorporating its own training methodologies into its critically acclaimed Player Development Building Blocks and Training Curricula.  At the forefront of this is the teaching of skills and technical training above the short-sighted "win at all costs"


At this age players should only be playing 4v4 games with no scores or standings kept or recorded.  This will allow the players to learn the game, without the stress or pressure of winning/losing.  The teaching of fundamental skills, alongside the basic rules of play will help each player develop attributes including ball manipulation, basic shape and increase their social skills

As the players move through the beginning of their development, they should start to improve their fundamental skills - specifically dribbling and passing techniques.  A basic understanding of playing out of the back should be shown, as well as recognizing how to communicate with their team-mates.  Once again, the focus is on development not wins/losses.

Progressing from 7v7 to 9v9 sees players develop greater game understanding, including creating space, the need to defend individually and an introduction to counter-attacking play.  Focus should still be on the technical learning phase as players increase their knowledge of various attributes required to play in a more competitive environment

Progressing to the 11v11 game model, players should start showing an understanding of managing the game, and learning how to deal with adversity within the game.  More focus will be placed on the tactical learning module, however players should not ignore the need to continue to practice their individual and team technical development.  

As players develop their individual technical skills, and tactical learning, the need is for them to be able to self evaluate and to challenge their own style and growth.

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